Fuse for AI High Temperature Atmosphere/Tube/Muffle Furnaces


Replacement fuse for AI atmosphere, tube and muffle furnaces.

Model: RS711BC
Voltage: 800V 100kA
Size: 2.25 x 1 x 3″

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Fuse size25 amps32 amps40 amps50 amps63 amps80 amps100 amps125 amps160 amps
Compatible furnaceGCF1300 6x6x6″
CF1400 6x6x6″
CF1100 12x8x5″
STF1200 60/80mm
 GCF1600 6x6x6″
CF1600 6x6x6″
CF1700 6x6x6″
CF1100 12x8x8″
STF1200 100/120mm
 CF1100 12x10x10″
TF1600 60mm/80mm
 GCF1300 8x8x8″
TF1400 100mm
TF1700 60mm/80mm
 GCF1600 8x8x8″
CF1600 8x8x8″
GCF1300 12x8x8″
CF1400 12x8x8″
TF1400 120mm
TF1600 100mm
TF1700 100mm
 GCF1600 12x8x8″
GCF1300 12x10x10″
CF1600 12x8x8″
CF1700 12x8x8″
CF1400 12x10x10″
CF1100 16x12x12″
TF1600 120mm
 GCF1600 12x10x10″
CF1600 12x10x10″
CF1700 12x10x10″
 GCF1300 16x12x12″
CF1600 16x12x12″
CF1700 16x12x12″
 GCF1600 16x12x12″
CF1600/1700 16x12x12″

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 cm
Fuse size

25 amps, 32 amps (+$5.00), 40 amps (+$10.00), 50 amps (+$15.00), 63 amps (+$20.00), 80 amps (+$25.00), 100 amps (+$40.00), 125 amps (+$55.00), 160 amps (+$65.00)


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