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forced air drying ovens

Laboratory Oven

Laboratory ovens are integral to countless applications in relevant industries. From baking and food processing to aerospace and material testing to semiconductors and metallurgy, lab ovens can be found worldwide, supporting researchers and processers alike.

This piece of lab equipment is a multi-purpose appliance used in the manufacturing and scientific industries. The high-temperature lab oven has features essential in the baking, drying, or curing process of different substances. These materials are then used in science labs, pharmaceuticals, and production procedures.

For your laboratory, you need Across International’s high-quality oven products with drying, sterilizing, and annealing functions, among others. With over 30 years of knowledge and innovation, AI Furnaces leads the industry in precise and reliable oven technology.

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Why Choose AI Furnaces?

AI Furnaces is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-temperature lab ovens and furnaces. Equipped with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in thermal processing and engineering, we have served distinguished organizations and clients like Tesla, NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Government of Canada, among many others.

Our products are built from high-temperature-resistant materials, so you can use them to process samples in high heat without breaking down the materials. We also offer various models of lab furnaces and ovens perfect for high-temperature applications like enamel coating production, glass fusing, ceramics, brazing, and soldering articles.

Our products are built from high-temperature-resistant materials, so you can use them to process samples in high heat without breaking down the materials. We also offer various models of lab furnaces and ovens perfect for high-temperature applications like enamel coating production, glass fusing, ceramics, brazing, and soldering articles.

Ultimately, AI Furnaces’ lab ovens provide the functionality and ease of use that your lab needs to perform tasks efficiently and produce your desired test results.

As a subsidiary of Across International – the industry-leading manufacturer of laboratory, material, and heat treatment processing equipment – AI Furnaces is on a mission to continue providing groundbreaking oven technology that would aid in the research endeavors of your laboratory.

What You Get from AI Furnaces’ Lab Ovens

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Multi-zone heating for precise temperature control

3” of insulation around the chamber for increased temperature stability and efficiency

New tension-adjustable door handles

UL/CSA-certified CE-certified, and cGMP-ready

Our Products

Forced Air Drying Oven

Forced air drying ovens, also known as lab convection ovens, are machines highly regarded for their functionality and overall heating and drying capabilities.

Rapid air distribution allows forced air-drying ovens to provide continuous and uniform heating, ensuring that all areas of an item receive equal amounts of heat inside the chamber. This drying equipment has a built-in fan that circulates hot air quickly throughout the oven’s interior to expedite the heating and drying time exponentially. As such, it’s ideal for material testing labs that produce high-volume samples daily.

Since the high and consistent heating capacity of forced air drying ovens promotes efficiency in processes like warm storing, sterilizing, and drying, this type of lab oven is highly useful if you’re in the electronics, food, or pharmaceutical industry.

forced air drying ovens
Lab Ovens
forced air drying ovens
Lab Ovens

Our Products

Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum drying ovens are heavily used in applications rooted in engineering and laboratory research. The oven reduces the pressure inside the chamber during the heating process, which in turn lowers the boiling point of most substances. This makes vacuum ovens ideal for sensitive samples that are heat-sensitive or tend to be damaged when subjected to other drying processes, including powders and electrical components.

Additionally, this type of lab oven significantly mitigates risk through an airtight door that is connected to a vacuum pump. It’s this mechanism that decreases the pressure inside the drying chamber. Such low pressure then allows solvents or water to evaporate even at low temperatures.

You can use vacuum drying ovens for high-grade products that contain water or solvent and which need a gentle drying method without altering their properties. Aside from their primary drying capabilities, vacuum ovens are also helpful in sample decontamination, expediting the gassing process and preventing surface reactions like oxidation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a lab oven for?

Lab ovens are general lab equipment used for high-volume thermal convection applications like drying, curing, material testing, evaporating, and heated storage. These specialized ovens’ precise and uniform temperatures are perfect for sterilizing, evaporating, baking, and other industrial laboratory functions.

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, material processing, electronics, and other similar applications generally use this multi-purpose appliance.

What are the typical sizes of laboratory ovens?

A lab oven’s size and volume vary depending on the application. Typical sizes can be as small as 1 cubic foot or 28 liters.

In comparison, larger ovens can be as big as 32 cubic feet or 906 liters. These heavy-duty machines can accommodate temperatures of 300°C or 572°F.

What is the temperature range of lab ovens?

Much like the size, a lab oven’s temperature range will depend on its intended purpose. Temperatures can begin from ambient at around 300°C. This range is ideal for moisture extraction and drying and is often used in chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, and forensics. 

Meanwhile, some more advanced models can generate temperature ranges of up to 600°C or 700°C for sintering and annealing applications. Specialized applications in material processing, electronics, and physics commonly use ovens that operate beyond 300°C.

What should I consider when buying a lab oven?

Purchase a lab oven that fits your industry’s specific needs. Check the volume, temperature uniformity, and maximum temperature before purchasing one to make sure that it has the features you need to perform your lab work.

You also want to consider what you’ll be using the oven for. Suppose you intend to use it for drying. In this case, choose an oven with features specifically for moisture extraction.

Safety features are also important. It’s best to secure a lab oven designed to reduce explosion risk and relieve pressure, like explosion relief panels. This way, you can proceed with your day-to-day operations with zero to minimal risk.

Invest in a High-Quality Lab Oven

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