Lab Furnaces

Lab Furnaces

The laboratory furnace is a key component in research and industrial processes. While furnaces come in varying designs, they all share the common task of providing high-temperature heating with conformity and consistency. Researchers across industries use laboratory furnaces for various processes, including the following:

Ash Testing
Combustion Testing
Dental Molding
Developing innovative nanotechnology and advanced materials

As these are crucial processes, AI Furnaces uses the highest quality materials and the latest in furnace technology to build our and CE- and ETL-certified lab furnace products. From vacuum furnaces to tube rotary furnaces, we carry a wide range of furnace equipment fit for various tasks and applications, so your lab can achieve maximum productivity.

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Why Choose AI Furnaces?

AI Furnaces prioritizes customer service. We work closely with each of our customers to develop groundbreaking furnace technology that addresses specific needs and saves and improves people’s lives.

You can expect our high-temperature lab furnace to integrate with your workflow seamlessly. Our laboratory furnaces can maintain high temperatures without breaking down since they are built with materials resistant to high temperatures.

These heaters are ideal for operations that require temperatures up to 1,400°C. You can also optimize the temperature of your lab furnace from a safe distance since our products feature an installed 40-segment PID controller, standard with an RS232 interface for data logging and remote operation.

With high-temperature ranges and features that promote ease of use, AI Furnaces’ lab furnaces provide the functionality your lab needs to perform laboratory work efficiently.

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What You Get from AI Furnaces’ Lab Furnaces

  • High-performance Kanthal heating elements
  • 40 segment PID controllers, standard with an RS232 interface for data logging and remote operation
  • Quartz and Ceramic tube options, up to 250 O.D. MM
  • Built-in over temperature and safety cut-offs
  • CE- and ETL-certified

Lab Muffle Furnace

This versatile high-temperature furnace is one of the best testing devices for evaluating a product’s quality while analyzing a material’s nature and chemical makeup. Professionals have also used muffle furnaces for other processes, including:


Firing and co-firing


Reducing gas

Combustion tests

Technical ceramics

Samples inside the chamber are protected since this type of furnace is designed to heat objects without direct contact to open flames. They achieve this either through conduction, convection, or blackbody radiation processes.

AI Furnaces’ lab muffle furnaces offer a benchtop solution for safe and reliable heating. They are built with Mitsubishi alumna fiber and embedded with Kanthal heating elements, so they can reach temperatures of up to 1,800°C or 3272°F without causing accidents or damaging the equipment.

All our muffle furnaces also feature dual-layered internal housing to ensure the highest level of temperature conformity. They increase your work efficiency since these front-loading, box-type ovens or kilns heat products quickly, safely, and uniformly.

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Tube Furnace

Some furnaces may spread heat inconsistently, delivering lower quality products or unreliable test results. This is why many professionals use a tube furnace instead.

A tube furnace delivers uniform heating to samples and materials through its embedded refractory heating coils or ribbons. These coils emit heat through the furnace’s ceramic chamber, preventing materials from touching the open flames.

This type of furnace is typically used to heat metals to very high temperatures under vacuum or inert gas conditions. Tube furnaces are ideal for applications including:

  • Annealing
  • Sintering
  • Brazing
  • Tempering
  • Soldering, without oxidation and contamination

Chemistry and research labs also use this furnace to synthesize and purify samples, as well as for aging, degassing, and hardening, among numerous other applications.

AI Furnaces offers 1-zone, 2-zone, and 3-zone configurations, giving you safe and precise heating up to 1,800°C. With split tube designs and tube options in ceramic and quartz, you can choose a tube furnace that suits your lab.

forced air drying ovens
Lab Furnaces
forced air drying ovens
Lab Furnaces

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Controlled Atmosphere

The controlled atmosphere furnace is a perfect alternative to tube furnaces when you need larger chamber volumes and a deep vacuum is not essential. These furnaces can hold vacuum down to 1 Torr and operate with inert and reactive gases. As such, controlled atmosphere furnaces are ideal for heat treatment, various lab processes, and operating atmospheres that include hydrogen, nitrogen, and neon. Our controlled atmosphere furnace comes with a separate chamber where you can conveniently mix gases according to procedure requirements. This separate chamber also allows you to perform sintering and debinding processes in the same furnace without negatively affecting output quality. Controlled atmosphere furnaces also feature multiple gas inlets and outlets, stainless steel ball valves, and built-in flow control, which make operation easier and faster. Professionals typically use a controlled atmosphere furnace to manufacture high-quality metals. The furnace is also suitable for

  • Brazing
  • Annealing
  • Specialist Wielding

Our Products


Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a process used to deposit thin films on a substrate from a gas or vapor state to a solid state. With a CVD or PECVD furnace, you can perform this process cost-efficiently.

Our CVD/PECVD Horizontal Tube Furnaces are especially helpful if you’re in the semiconductor and solar industries. These products come in either 1-zone or 2-zone options, ready for heating to 1,700°C, depending on the application.

You can reliably connect our furnaces to your equipment since they come with stainless steel vacuum flanges and the highest-grade alumina ceramics. Our furnaces also feature digital gas mixing technology, allowing you to mix gases from up to 6 channels.

forced air drying ovens
Lab Furnaces
forced air drying ovens
Lab Furnaces

Our Products

Rotary Furnace

Rotary furnaces are similar in design to a split tube furnace, with additional rotating and tilting features. The chamber allows hot gases to pass through while the furnace is active. Because the sample is continuously tumbling, the rotary furnace uniformly heats the sample during drying and coating applications.

Popular applications of rotary furnaces include:

  • Materials production
  • Drying and aging
  • Specialist Wielding

Our rotary furnace increases your efficiency by offering multi-zone heating options, utilizing Mitsubishi alumna fiber for the refractory linings, as well as using Eurotherm temperature controllers.

Your lab can use our rotary tube furnace for various processes within a vacuum or defined atmosphere, as it comes with an optional closed feeding system.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a laboratory chamber furnace for?

Researchers and scientists use laboratory chamber furnaces to meet the high, precise, and uniform temperatures needed for various lab work, mainly heat-treating materials. A high-temperature furnace is standard equipment for most labs and comes in multiple sizes and variations, such as muffle furnace, tube furnace, and rotary furnace.

What is the temperature range of lab furnaces?

The maximum temperature of a lab furnace depends on the heating element used in its construction. Kanthal heating elements can reach up to 1,400°C, while Molybdenum Silicide — those found in our CVD/PECVD furnaces, — can reach 1,700°C to 1,800°C.

Which applications is a laboratory furnace suitable for?

You can utilize laboratory furnaces for many applications, including annealing, sintering, curing, ignition analysis, and brazing.

How much is a lab furnace?

A laboratory furnace’s price varies depending on its features and materials, with higher-end furnaces catering more to larger manufacturers. Laboratory furnace prices can range from $1,190 to over $45,000.

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