Rotary & Tilting Furnaces

Process parameters optimization is critical before investing in thermal processing equipment to ensure meeting the quality and capability requirements. Our high-quality and innovative rotary furnaces offer reliability, versatility, and energy efficiency.

What is Rotary Furnace?

The rotary furnace is an industrial and laboratory furnace cylindrical shape that rotates at its longitude axis. This furnace is mainly designed to heat loose materials for various physiochemical processes. The characteristic that classifies rotary furnaces into different categories is its heat exchange method, including indirect, direct, or combined material heating for a particular process.

We offer a range of high-quality rotary furnaces ideal for laboratory use to process various materials in batches. The main components of rotary rube furnaces are a rotating cylinder that rotates through an electrical motor, bearings, and gearbox, tilting system to tilt the furnaces, burner and gas hood, refractory lining, and electrical panel. These furnaces enable heating and mixing of samples simultaneously within a controlled environment while passing the material continuously through their work tube.

Our rotary furnaces feature spiral wires coils with premium fiber insulation and double-walled internal steel housing. This minimizes the loss of heat to the exterior surfaces while providing optimal insulation. The digital controller allows monitoring and control of the furnace. Labs can use a rotary tube furnace for various processes within a vacuum or defined atmosphere as it comes equipped with a closed feeding system (optionally available). Labs can use tubes made from multiple materials depending on the batch, process and maximum required temperature. Therefore, rotary furnaces are highly adaptable for several functions.

Additionally, the rotary furnaces come with overheat and power failure protection to prevent malfunctioning or damage. When someone opens the top of the rotary furnace, the limit switch instantly turns it off.

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  • 1200C 1-Zone 25mm OD Compact Rotary Top-Open Tube Furnace

    1200C 1-Zone 25mm OD Compact Rotary Top-Open Tube Furnace

  • 1200C 1-3 Zone Rotary & Tilting Top-Open Tube Furnace

  • 1500C 1-3 Zone Rotary & Tilting Top-Open Tube Furnace