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May 19, 2023

Use Of Muffle Furnace In Different Industries

The muffle furnace is a universal heating equipment, often used for thermal processing and industrial workpiece processing. In the pharmaceutical industry, the muffle furnace is used for drug inspection and the pretreatment of medical samples; in the analytical chemical industry, the muffle furnace is used as sample processing equipment in the fields of water quality analysis and environmental analysis; in the coal quality analysis, the muffle furnace It can also be used for moisture, ash, volatile determination, ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis and elemental analysis. In addition, the muffle furnace can also be used as a general ashing furnace.

Plastics are used in different applications and in different industries to manufacture domestic goods as well as for industrial goods. Plastics are used on a large scale due to the outstanding properties of the plastics such as high compression strength, tensile strength, resistant to environmental factors, non-reactive to chemicals, and many more. Moreover, the applications in which strong and light-weight materials are required, plastic is considered as the best material. Plastics are also used in several crucial applications such as pharmaceutical industries, aerospace, and many more. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers in Plastic industries to produce high-quality of plastic products and ensure the quality of plastics before delivering it to the final customers so that products can survive for long time duration.

How to measure the quality of plastics?

To ensure the quality of the plastics, manufacturers in plastic industries use best testing techniques and test procedures so that best quality products can be delivered to the customers. If the manufacturers in plastic industries ignore the product quality, it will directly affect the quality of the relationship between the manufacturers and customers and also badly affect the productivity of customer’s workplace. The proper type of quality testing procedure and the testing machine must be used to test the quality of the products.

To assure the quality of the plastic products, the very first thing that needs to be confirmed is the properties and complete knowledge of the product i.e. presence of carbon content, molecular structure, etc. All the mentioned properties of muffle furnace can be measured using Muffle Furnace.

Muffle Furnace

It is a furnace or a device in which the samples can be tested at high-temperature. The walls of the device heat the content which is placed inside the temperature radiantly so that the material does not come in direct contact with flame. Muffle furnace is widely used in test laboratories with a compact means to create a high-temperature say up to 1200 degree Celsius to test the characteristics of the material for highly accurate test results.

Use of Muffle Furnace

Muffle furnace is an oven type testing instruments which can reach high temperatures. The furnace achieves the high-temperature on the basis of the insulating material which is fitted inside the chamber. The insulating material which is provided in the chambers acts as a muffle and stops the heat from escaping out of the chamber. Muffle furnaces are used for the applications where there is huge demand of testing the sample at high temperature and to determine the percent of ash content in those materials. The industries in which the furnaces are used for treating the samples at high-temperature include:

Now we will discuss the use of these furnaces in the following industries:

Glass Industry

In glass manufacturing industries several tasks are performed that require high-temperature to determine the properties of the raw material to produce a high-quality product. These tasks include melting of glass at the time of recycling, blow molding of glass to make the different shape of products and much more. To attain such type of temperatures easily, several electrical furnaces have also been introduced. Additionally, these are also used to make the glass stronger and better by bending them. The temperature which is required for making the glass products tough is 700 to 900 degree Celsius. This helps to make the glass products tough, and this temperature can be achieved easily using Muffle Furnaces.

Ceramics Industry

Ceramics are widely used products that are used in different industries. To test the quality and behavior of the ceramics, very high temperatures, and extreme working conditions are required. Muffle furnaces help the manufacturers in ceramics industries to achieve such temperatures so that the quality of the ceramics can be measured easily and efficiently.

Paint industry

Manufacturers in paint industry followed the procedure of rapid drying of paints, enamels, and a coating which require very high-temperature. Using the high temperatures, the paints can be dried easily. This procedure helps to measure the performance of the paints quickly and in no time.

These furnaces are used in many research centers, by the chemists in testing laboratories to measure that which part of the sample is non-combustible and which one is non-volatile in nature. To determine the properties of the material, the sample is placed inside the chamber, and required temperature is set as per the specifications of the sample.

Dental Industry

For dental laboratory applications, you need the best in custom furnace design. Across International dental furnaces come in a variety of configurations for your specific requirements. Several elements of Ai Muffle furnaces are customizable, including:

Temperature ranges
Tubing and heating formations
Air circulation configuration


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