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Exploring The Versatility Of Forced Air Ovens: Applications In Various Industries

For many laboratory owners seeking to effectively dry their samples, forced air ovens have become a popular option. Forced air ovens, which have forced, blower-assisted ventilation designs, provide better temperature consistency and quick heat recovery than other varieties of drying ovens.
Continue reading to find out what a Forced Air Oven is and in which industries will Forced Air Ovens be commonly utilized.
What are the Forced Air Ovens?
Forced air drying ovens are essential equipment in laboratory and industrial settings for various thermal processing applications such as drying, curing, and baking. The blower-assisted airflow design of these ovens ensures excellent temperature uniformity and fast recovery. These ovens come equipped with a turbo blower and heavy-duty motor that directs air over the shelves and samples, resulting in even, constant drying. They are particularly useful for drying glassware and oxide carbonization, among other applications. On the other hand, vacuum drying ovens are used to conduct thermal processes in an airtight chamber under a desired level of vacuum. They are useful in preventing surface reactions, decontaminating samples, and speeding up the outgassing process. When selecting a laboratory drying vacuum oven, it is crucial to consider the appropriate chamber size, desired vacuum level, and the necessary pump size to meet the application requirements.
In which industries will Forced Air Ovens be utilized?
Forced air ovens
are extensively used in a variety of sectors where thermal processing is required. Their sophisticated features and design make them versatile instruments for a wide range of uses, from R&D to manufacturing and quality control. The following are some of the sectors that frequently use forced air ovens:

  1. Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, forced air ovens are widely used for a variety of applications such as drying, sterilizing, and dehydrogenation of glassware, containers, and instruments used in drug manufacturing. Forced air ovens are also used for the stability testing of drug products and for the preparation of drug samples for testing.
  2. Food industry: Forced air ovens are extensively used in the food industry for various applications such as baking, drying, roasting, and dehydrating food products. They are commonly used for the production of baked goods such as bread, cakes, and cookies, as well as for the drying of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  3. Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, forced air ovens are used for various applications such as the curing of paint, drying of coatings, and curing of composite materials. The ovens are used to heat parts and components to a specific temperature to cure coatings or adhesives, and to remove moisture or solvents from painted or coated surfaces.
  4. Electronics industry: In the electronics industry, forced air ovens are used for the curing of conformal coatings and encapsulating materials used in electronic components. They are also used for drying and curing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) after washing and for the removal of moisture from electronic components.
  5. Aerospace industry: In the aerospace industry, forced air ovens are used for various applications such as curing of composite materials used in aircraft structures, drying of paints and coatings, and testing of aerospace components. They are also used for the preparation of spacecraft components for launch by removing moisture and other contaminants.
    Ai High-Quality Lab Forced Air Drying Ovens:
    The process of drying is a fundamental operation carried out in various research laboratories. Hence, it is essential to carefully choose a drying oven that delivers an excellent drying performance without incurring high operating costs.

Ai Air Forced Air Drying Ovens Features:

  • Great for medical device drying and sterilization.
  • Built-in temperature calibration.
  • Forced-air circulation combined with digital temperature control achieves a dependable and uniform environment for a variety of laboratory applications.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior finish with toughened double-glazing observation window.
  • Gentle downward flow along the chamber wall provides less disruption to sample material.
  • Adjustable moisture escape port.
  • Overheat protection automatically cuts power when the temperature is beyond the limit or the sensor fails.
  • UL/CSA certified, CE certified, cGMP ready

See chart below for unit specific features

 Ai 1.5 cu ft 110V 570ºF Forced Air OvenAi 2.5 cu ft 110V 570ºF Forced Air OvenAi 4.8 cu ft 220V 570ºF Forced Air OvenAi 8.0 cu ft 220V 570ºF Forced Air OvenAi 14.5 cu ft 220V 570ºF Forced Air Oven
Electrical Requirements110VAC 60Hz single phase, 1200 watts110VAC 60Hz single phase, 1700 watts208-240VAC 60Hz single phase, 2500 watts208-240VAC 60Hz single phase, 3000 watts208-240VAC 60Hz single phase, 3800 watts
Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH”)14 x 12 x 14″17.75 x 11.5 x 18″22 x 16 x 22″24 x 20 x 30″27.5 x 25 x 35.5″
Shelves Included / Maximum Capacity2 / 52 / 72 / 92 / 132 / 16
Temperature Uniformity± 2°F± 2°F± 2°F± 2°F± 2°F
Temperature Controller Precision0.1°F0.1°F0.1°F0.1°F0.1°F
Timer Range1 to 9999 minutes1 to 9999 minutes1 to 9999 minutes1 to 9999 minutes1 to 9999 minutes
Exhaust Outlet Diameter2″2″2″2″2″
Temperature RangeAmbient to 570°FAmbient to 570°FAmbient to 570°FAmbient to 570°FAmbient to 570°F
Unit / Shipping Weight75 lbs / 130 lbs110 lbs / 155 lbs180 lbs / 230 lbs250 lbs / 300 lbs430 lbs / 500 lbs
Unit / Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH”)20 x 23 x 26.5″ / 27 x 24 x 31″24 x 22 x 30.5″ / 29 x 28 x 35″30 x 26 x 34″ / 32 x 32 x 39″30 x 30 x 44″ / 34 x 35 x 49″33.5 x 34 x 52″ / 38 x 39 x 57″

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