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May 19, 2023

Customize High Temperature Laboratory Crystal Growing Furnace

Crystal growth is a technology that uses the physical and chemical properties of substances (liquid, solid, gas) to control the phase transition process and obtain crystals with certain structure, size, shape, and performance.

Crystal growth from melt is undoubtedly the most popular method for growing single crystals at large scale. More than half of the technological crystals are nowadays obtained by this technique, including elemental semiconductors, metals, oxides, halogenides and chalcogenides.

Melt growth one of the crystal growth methods means that the raw material is completing melted at high temperature and then different technical means are used to prepare the single crystal material that meets certain technical requirements under certain conditions.

Crystal growth furnace systems provide the two most important parameters necessary for critical growth: stability and control. Both are necessary to achieve consistency, repeatability, and uniformity – the keys to successful crystal growth in the laboratory and in production.

How Laboratory furnaces used for bulk crystal growth

Across International furnaces allow for crucible-free growth of large, high-quality crystals. These furnaces use focused light to melt a precursor feed rod and grow a crystal from a seed crystal. The furnaces are capable of temperatures exceeding 2000 °C under a variety of controlled atmospheres.

Muffle Box furnaces

Standard Muffle box furnaces are used for the bulk fabrication, including the growth of the Hg-based curates using the encapsulated self-flux growth method. Muffle Furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1200°C that are being utilized for conventional melt growth, flux growth, and solid-state reaction.

One of the Muffle Furnace is placed inside the fume hood in which allows us to grow material that contains toxic elements, such as lead and arsenic. Each furnace will accept an ampoule of maximum length up to 15cm or multiple ampoules with shorter length. Programmatic control allows for multiple segment ramp and temperature profiles.

Tube furnaces

Tube furnaces are used for crystal growth by chemical vapor deposition, post-growth annealing, and heat treatment. These include eight one-zone furnaces capable of up to 1100 °C, and two three-zone furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1200 °C and 1750 °C. Most of these furnaces are equipped with manifolds for gas flow and/or high-vacuum pumping.

Material handling equipment

Across International manufacturers and designed different type of glove boxes and numerous fume hoods for safely handling hazardous materials and maintaining the purity of chemicals and samples during crystal growth preparation and sample preparation. We manufactures a diverse line of laboratory vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace equipment.

Our laboratory vacuum furnaces and R&D vacuum furnaces are suitable to most customer needs. A leader in vacumm furnace design and manufacturing, Our Tech Enqinerrs start with a thorough understanding of your processes and laboratory furnacing requirements. We then help you select a laboratory vacuum furnace system that best fits your lab and R&D requirements. (Customized laboratory vacuum furnaces are also available.)

Several Laboratory vacuum furnace application include :

AnnealingThermocouple Calibration
Carbon Fiber ProcessingDrawing of Optical Fibers
Ceramic FiringBrazing
Ceramic FiringPowder Metallurgy
Crystal GrowthPressure Sintering
Heat TreatingWetting Studies


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